How to use Coupon Codes

In this article, we'll go over how to setup and use our built-in Coupon Code functionality

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Coupon Codes are a great way to provide your users discounted prices for your in-app products and/or in-app subscriptions. These tiers are hidden via Coupon Code and are only accessible to those who have been given that code. This is a great way for you to provide special tiered pricing such as intro offers, early bird specials, loyalty pricing, etc. It is extremely easy to set up! Once you have your in-app products added and approved to their respective developer accounts (Apple and Google), you're ready to begin using Coupon Codes.

Note: The built in Coupon Code functionality does not relate to any promo or offer codes from your Apple or Google Developer account.

Step 1: Ensure you have all of your subscription types completed.

You should have a different in-app subscription/product for each tier of pricing. For example, you should have an in-app subscription set up and approved for an annual subscription and an early bird annual subscription.

Step 2: Add your products to the Commerce Tab of your Control Panel

Step 3: Apply your products to the appropriate sections of your app

Navigate to the plugin where you'd like to add your paywall. If you like your entire app to be behind a paywall, you can apply the paywall to your home screen using the Purchase Tab. For additional information on how to apply in-app subscriptions, be sure to visit the related articles below!

Once you've decided which plugin you'd like to use for your subscriptions, select the Purchase tab and check the box titled "Require Purchase." Then, select the appropriate product type: Single or Subscription.

Step 4: Add a new subscription

Step 5: Select the appropriate subscription and hit Save

Step 6: Repeat the above process for the other discounted subscriptions

Before you hit save, check the box titled "Coupon Offer." From here, you can input a custom code that you will be providing to your users. Click Save once you've completed this.

Step 7: Enable Coupon Code at the bottom of the Purchase Tab

Here, you'll notice you now have two listed subscriptions, but only one is being displayed in the emulator.

Step 8: Configure Coupon Code fields

Once you've enabled Coupon Codes, you'll be presented with a number of fields that you can configure. These fields pertain to the verbiage that is displayed when users are utilizing the Coupon Code functionality. Additionally, you should now see a new button where users can input their code titled: Enter Coupon Code.

You've successfully implemented a hidden subscription using our built-in Coupon Code feature. In the next section, we'll show you how it works!

Once your subscriptions have been completed and applied to their appropriate sections, users now have the option to use the code you provide them.

Step 1: Click 'Enter Coupon Code'

Step 2: Enter the Coupon Code and click Submit

Step 3: You should now see both of your subscriptions

At the bottom of your screen, you will be shown a message that states "Coupon Unlocked!" Your hidden subscription should now be visible at the top of the screen for your users to select and purchase.

Congratulations! You've now successfully utilized the Coupon Code functionality and seen it in action!

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