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Display public posts from followed users and plugins in a single feed

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What is the Community Feed Plugin?

Community Feed is a companion plugin for Community Wall. It allows app users to follow other users and see public posts from followed users and plugins in a single feed.

If a user clicks on another user’s public post in Community Wall, they’ll be presented three options within the app:

  • See Profile

  • Follow or Unfollow

  • Send Direct Message

The “Follow or Unfollow” option only works if Community Feed is installed and enabled. After you install Community Feed, enable this box in your Community Wall admin settings:

How Community Feed Works

There are two parts of the Community Feed—the header and the feed.

At the top of the screen, app users will see a header with all users and/or plugins that they follow. Below the header is the feed itself, which contains public posts from the followed users and plugins. Here’s what that looks like in the app:

Clicking on a specific user or plugin in the header will filter the selection, displaying only posts from the selected user.

Below the user’s name in each post, Community Feed will show the date and plugin where the post came from. If you look at the feed in the example above, you can see that the post from Ali came from the “WallDEMO” plugin and was posted “Today.”

If a user clicks on the plugin name within a post, they’ll navigate directly to the wall where the post originated from.

If a user clicks on an image, the image opens in the image previewer. By default, Community Feed will only load three images per post at a time. But users can view all remaining images in a post by clicking “Show More” below the third image.

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