Leaderboard Plugin Overview

The Leaderboard plugin tracks user progress, ranks top achievers, and sparks friendly competition in your app community to drive engagement.

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What is the Leaderboard Plugin?

The Leaderboard plugin is a tool that allows app admins to create challenges and competitions within their app community. It displays users' progress on leaderboards, driving engagement through friendly competition.

How it Works

The admin sets up a goal or challenge in the plugin editor, like "How many miles did you run today?" Users then update their progress by tapping the "+" icon and entering a number.

The plugin tallies daily, weekly, monthly, and overall results, ranking the top 100 users on leaderboards. It also sends push notifications about leaderboard updates.

Use Cases

The Leaderboard plugin works for any app with a community element and a metric to track. Common examples:

  • Fitness challenges (miles, calories burned, workout minutes, etc.)

  • Reading challenges (pages or books read)

  • Employee contests (sales made, projects completed, etc.)

  • Creative challenges (daily writing goals, drawings made, etc.)

Essentially any activity where users can quantify progress is a potential use case.

How to Use

For admins:

  1. Add the Leaderboard plugin to your app editor.

  2. Set up the goal text, image, and other settings.

  3. Users will now see the goal and can start updating progress.

For users:

  1. Tap the "+" button in the bottom right corner.

  2. Enter your numeric progress for the day/week.

  3. View your ranking on the leaderboard.

The plugin tallies everything automatically - no further steps are needed!

Resetting the Leaderboard

Admins can reset all user progress at any time from the plugin's settings menu. This is useful for starting a fresh challenge.

That covers the basics of how the Leaderboard plugin works to drive engagement! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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