Check List Feature Tutorial

Learn how to create a dynamic to-do check list for your users.

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What is the Check List feature?

Check List allows administrators to create a list of tasks for users to check off as they are completed. Users can add notes and set reminders for each task. Check List can be used as a dynamic to-do list or as a learning aid.

Benefits of to-do checklist:

  • Increases productivity

  • Stops you from forgetting things

  • Helps prioritize task

  • Manage tasks effectively

  • Improve time management

What are some use cases of Check List?

  • Daily tasks for employees

  • To-do list for family/friends

  • Goals for productivity apps

What are the Check List feature primary functions and what are the steps to accomplish them?

In this section, we go over the following:

  • Task List Description

  • Task List Completion Message

  • Task List

  • How users will use the Check List feature

Task List Description

This section allows you to provide a description and additional information for this task list. This will be the section that will inform your users what this checklist is all about.

Task List Completion Message

You are able to give your users a positive completion message when every item on the list is complete. To do this, click on the toggle icon to the right of or Enable Message. Inside the WYSIWYG editor, enter a message you want users to see.

Task List

In this section, you will add different tasks by entering a description and clicking on the Add button.

How users will use the Check List feature?

After you have entered all the information for the checklist, your users will be able to check off the task by taping on the check box as they complete the task.

There are two available options within each item in the list.

  • Notes: This option allows users to add information to this item.

  • Reminders: Users can give themselves a reminder to complete this task.

In this article, you have learned what the Check List feature is and how you add to use this in your application. If you still have questions? No problem! Reach out to support and we’d be happy to help

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