How to Use the Layout Repeater

Unleash creativity with the Layout Repeater Feature! Transform designs effortlessly with seamless patterns & consistent spacing.

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The Layout Repeater Feature is a design tool situation in any Text WYSIWYG on the BuildFire platform that allows users to automatically duplicate and position design elements in a consistent pattern or layout, simplifying the process of creating repetitive or symmetrical designs.


Efficiency and Time-Saving:

  • Quickly duplicate design elements without the need to manually copy, paste, and position.

  • Streamline design workflows, especially for repetitive tasks.

Consistency and Precision:

  • Ensure uniformity in the design with consistent spacing and positioning.

  • Reduce human error in manually duplicating elements.

Enhanced Creativity:

  • Easily experiment with different patterns and layouts without extensive manual adjustments.

  • Frees up time to focus on the creative aspect rather than the repetitive tasks.


  • Adjust the repeated layouts easily without starting from scratch.

  • Suitable for various design needs, from website layouts to graphic patterns.

How to use it?

You will want to use a plugin that utilizes text WYSIWYG, in this example, we are using the Folder Plugin.

You will click on "Insert Layout" and then select from a pre-defined layout.

Select your Preset Layout and click "insert"

Your Preset layout will be applied to the folder

Now, how do you apply this to multiple instances and prevent the dreaded task of copy and pasting? Well, let me show you!

With your first layout added you will click back on the "insert" button from the Text WYSIWYG

now, you will click on "link data" found on the right-hand side under the preset layout screen.

Once clicked you will be able to edit your layout to then apply it to multiple instances across your control panel to avoid having to copy and paste.

Note the following:

You will need to connect this to a data source to utilize the repeater, please refer to this knowledgebase article Datsoure Setup to utilize this feature's full potential.

To access the expression builder, click on the puzzle icon to the right of each line item to them select from the expression builder below.

Select your expression and then click "use expression" This will then generate a repeatable layout in your Text WYWIYG

The Layout Repeater Feature is not just a tool—it's a game-changer for individuals seeking to revolutionize their workflow. By merging efficiency with creativity, it empowers users to save time while cutting down on tedious tasks. Whether you're a seasoned app designer or just starting out, the feature ensures your designs resonate with precision, flair, and a touch of magic. Dive in, and let the Layout Repeater be the secret ingredient that elevates your design projects to new heights.

If you should need any help, please feel free to reach out to and we will be more than happy to help.

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