How Do I Integrate My Google Calendar Into My App?

You may be asking yourself, I already have a Google Calendar and I’d love to integrate it into my app, how can I do this? In this article, we’ll go over how to get the iCal feed of your Google Calendar so that you can use the Events Feed feature to bring its events into your app.

What steps do I take to get my Google Calendar’s iCal feed?

Step 1: Open your Google Calendar and click on the Settings icon

Step 2: Click on your calendar's name then click integrate

Step 3: Copy the iCal link for your calendar

Once you have navigated to “Integrate Calendar,” locate the box with a link that says “Secret Address in iCal Format” and copy that link.

Note: You can also utilize the public address if you are okay with your calendar being public. The "Secret Address in iCal Format" allows your calendar to be accessible from other applications without making it public.

Step 4: Paste that iCal feed URL into the 'Enter Feed' section of your Event Feed feature and click “Validate”

Congratulations! Your Google Calendar should now appear in your app.

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