Polling Plugin

Create pop-up polls and surveys to easily gather feedback, opinions, and engagement from users right within your app.

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What is the Polling Plugin?

The Polling plugin allows you to create pop-up surveys and polls within your app. When active, users will be prompted to answer a multiple-choice question when opening the app.

Use Cases

Polling is great for:

  • Gathering feedback

  • Surveying opinions

  • Driving engagement

  • Collecting votes

You can poll users on new features, content preferences, post-event feedback, company decisions, and more.

How to Create a Poll

In the plugin editor:

  1. Click "Add" to create a new poll.

  2. Give the poll a title and set start/end dates.

  3. Add multiple choice answers (max 10).

  4. Customize settings like requiring logins or showing results.

Taking a Poll

For users:

  • The poll pops up upon opening the app.

  • Select an answer and submit.

  • Polls can be forced or optional.

  • Results may display after submitting.

The Polling plugin is an easy way to engage users and collect feedback right within your app! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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