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Are you building an app for your sports league or team? In this article we'll go over some great features to use in your sports app!

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Getting Started With Your Sports App

(Almost) everyone loves to watch sports, and what better way to help your team’s fans feel better connected with you than with a mobile app? With a mobile app your fans can see your upcoming games, see your latest promotions, as well as get in contact with you. In this article we’ll go over some features in our system that will help your fans to feel better connected with you and your team!

What Are Some Great Features To Use Inside Your Sports App?

When you’re first navigating through our system, it can be a bit daunting thanks to the vast possibilities of what can be done with your app. That's why we’ve put together a list of some features that you can start off with which we feel will help get you on the right path to creating an amazing app for your event.

What Are Some Features That You Can Use To Tell Your Fans About Upcoming Games And Events?

What’s the most important information for fans of a team? When and where are their games going to be. With our Places 2.0 feature, you can not only show your fans where the game is going to be held, but if you host charity events, you can also use this feature to show your fans where they’re going to be held. 

You can also show the dates of your games and events with our Events Manual and Events Feed features. The Events Manual Feature allows you to manually input events into the in-app calendar via the App Dashboard, while the Event Feed Feature allows you to add events to the in-app calendar by syncing it with an iCal link. 

Another great way to connect with your fans is through Push Notifications. With our system you have complete control over your notifications. You can send out scheduled notifications, create notification groups that deal with specific topics that users can subscribe to, as well as set up automatic notifications. We also have the GeoFence feature that allows you to send out locations-based notifications. Have a game coming up in a couple of days? You can set up a notification to trigger whenever someone gets within a certain distance of where it’s going to be played which can remind them of the upcoming game.

What Are Some Features That Can Help Your Fans Keep Up On Your Team?

Every season teams have roster changes, and fans new and old like to keep up on information like that. With our People feature to give fans information about your team’s current roster as well as include links to any social media pages that they have. You can also use the Flashcards feature to showcase digital trading cards of all your players. Along with the Flashcards feature, you can use the Image Gallery & Info Slider feature to bring in photos of your players into the app.

If your team has YouTube or Vimeo channels, you can share your videos in your app with the YouTube and Vimeo features. You can also bring in your team’s social media pages like Facebook with our Facebook feature, Twitter with our Twitter feature, and Instagram with our WebView feature. This allows you to bring all of your social media pages into one place making them more easily accessible for your attendees.

What Are Some Features That Can Keep Our Fans Engaged?

With our Social Wall your fans can talk amongst themselves about your latest games and players, as well as interact with you directly. This can help them feel more connected to you and deepen their loyalty to you and your organization. You can also use the Contact Us feature to give fans the ability to contact your organization with any questions they may have about your upcoming events and games.

Do you have periodic contests? With our TypeForm, JotForm, or Google Forms features you can set up a submission form in one of those services and bring that form into your app. While fans are at your events there’s a number of features that you can use to enhance their experience while at the event. While they were initially built with retail businesses in mind, the Loyalty and Coupon features can help encourage fans to attend your events.

Have a physical store for your team’s merchandise? You can use the Loyalty feature to  reward fans who go to the most events, and with it users can rack up points to use towards rewards that they can redeem while at your team’s store. The Coupon feature can also help encourage fans to visit your store by giving them periodic discounts or deals.

Have an online store? If you have a Shopfy store, you can use our Shopify feature to bring your store into your app. If you have a WooCommerce store, you can use our WooCommerce feature, and if you have an online store using a different system, you can use our WebView feature to bring that store into your app.

These are just a small handful of features that you can use in your app to help expand your reach as an artist, but we have many more in our system. We encourage you to check out all of the amazing features that we offer in our system so that you can make the best app for your brand.

Have additional questions? We’re here to help. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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