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Getting Started: Internal Employee Only App

Want to build an app for your employees? In this article we'll go over some features that can help you make a great employees-only app.

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Getting Started On Your Internal Employee App

Communication in between departments can be hard for a business, especially if you’re a large corporation. Having an internal app for your company is a great way to not only foster internal communication within your business, but it can also help keep all of your departments organized. In this article we’ll go over some great features that can help you build an employees-only app that can be not only helpful, but informative.

What Are Some Great Features To Use In Your Internal Employee App?

When you’re first navigating through our system, it can be a bit daunting thanks to the vast possibilities of what can be done with your app. That's why we’ve put together a list of some features that you can start off with which we feel will help get you on the right path to creating an amazing app for your organization or group.

What Are Some Features That Can Help Foster Internal Communication?

Communication is key for every successful business and in our system you can find a number of features that can help improve internal communication between departments.

With our People feature you can create a directory of all your employees so that people within your organization can locate who’s in what department and it can provide them with a way to contact that person be it email, text, or on the phone. Along with the People feature, you can use the Social Wall to give your employees a platform where they can talk with each other, comment and like other users posts, as well as share photos and links amongst themselves.

Do you need to give your employees the ability to schedule meetings or other things such as conference rooms? With our Calendly and features if you have accounts with Calendly and you can bring those scheduling services directly into your app. You can also bring in forms created in TypeForm, JotForm, or Google Forms with our TypeForm, JotForm, and Google Forms features. This is a great way for employees to have the ability to quickly submit forms directly from inside your app.

Another great way to connect with your employees is through Push Notifications. With our system you have complete control over your notifications. You can send out scheduled notifications, create notification groups that deal with specific topics that users can subscribe to, as well as set up automatic notifications. 

What Are Some Features That Can Help Keep Your Employees Organized?

Along with helping improve communication, we have some great features that will help your employees stay organized.

Do you have internal documents such as an employee handbook that you’d like to make available to your employees? With our Google Docs, PDF Viewer, and WebView features, you can link directly to these documents so that they’re easily accessible to all of your employees. Have a spreadsheet in your Google Drive that you want to share? You can use the Google Sheets feature to bring that spreadsheet into your app.

You can also use our Seminar & Lecture Notes, Google Slides, or Image Gallery features to bring in presentations from meetings. The Seminar & Lecture Notes feature has the added functionality of giving users the ability to bookmark and add notes to individual items within the feature. If you have video presentations, you can use our YouTube and Vimeo features to bring those videos into your app. 

You can also use our Media Center Manual feature to bring in presentation content into your app as well. If you have a blog, or any other page with an RSS feed, you can use our Media Center RSS Feed feature to bring that feed into your app.

If you have recurring events, or an internal company calendar, you can use the Events Feed feature or the Events Manual feature to bring that calendar into your app. You may ask what’s the difference between those two features? We’re glad you asked! The Events Manual Feature allows you to manually input events into the in-app calendar via the App Dashboard, while the Event Feed Feature allows you to add bring an external calendar into the app by using an iCal link.

Also, if your company has multiple locations across the nation, you can use the Places 2.0 feature to create a directory of your company’s locations. Your employees can use this to grab contact information for other locations as well as get directions to them if they ever need to travel from one location to another.

These are just a small handful of features that you can use in your app to help expand communication and participation within your group or organization. We have many more features  in our system, and we encourage you to check out all of the amazing features that we offer so that you can make the best app for your group or organization.

Have additional questions? We’re here to help. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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