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How to Set Up Your App Specific Password
How to Set Up Your App Specific Password

You may be required to use an app specific password in order to submit your app. Learn what it is and how to set it up here.

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What is an App-Specific Password?

App specific passwords allow you to sign in to your account securely when you use third party apps such as Application Loader with your Apple ID.

Why is this application considered to be third party?... Ask Apple. We don't actually know... maybe they just want to be unique? Haha.

IMPORTANT: Depending on when you created your Apple Developer Account, you may be required to use an app specific password in order to submit your app.

How to create an App-Specific Password for your Apple ID account

Step 1: Sign in to your Apple ID at

Step 2: Under the "Security" section, click "Generate Passwords"

Step 3: Enter a label for the password. In this case use "Application Loader" for the label.

Step 4: Click "Create"

Step 5: Once you have created the label, Apple will automatically generate the app-specific password tied to it. The format will be similar to the following and is the password we will need:

What are some Pro Tips you should know about to take your app to the next level?

Pro Tip 1: If you don't have to use app specific passwords, you may not want to.
You should only generate an App-Specific Password when you’re not able to remove Two-Factor Authentication from your Apple ID account.

Pro Tip 2: Remember (or Save) your Apple ID password, or else!...
Any time you change or reset your primary Apple ID password, all of your app-specific passwords are revoked automatically to protect the security of your account. You'll need to generate new app-specific passwords for any apps that you want to continue using.

Pro Tip 3: You only have 25 app specific passwords
You can have up to 25 active app-specific passwords at any given time. If you need to, you can revoke passwords individually or all at once. After you revoke a password, the app using that password will be signed out of your account until you generate a new password and sign in again.

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