The Premium Social Wall: A Creative Way to Increase App Engagement

Engagement is a buzzword when it comes to managing a mobile app. So, how do you keep your users engaged? One way is through the Premium Social Wall feature. 

Premium Social Wall Features

Premium Social Walls allow you to create social walls in your app and are a great way for your users to communicate with each other and you. Think of them as a mix between a chatroom and a message board. There’s no better way to add engagement in your app than by encouraging your users to talk to each other while in your app.

There are three main reasons why you should use the Premium Social Wall: 

1. Learn about your users: In order to post, like, or comment on anything in a social wall, users have to have an account in your app. This is great for you to learn about who’s on your app and what they like to talk about. You can also use this information later on when you send targeted push notifications.

2. A great channel of communication: Social walls are a medium between emails and social media. All communications are private within the app and just provide another channel of communication.

3. Grow your community: The Premium Social Wall is a simple and easy way to build and nurture your community. Who wouldn’t want to stay close and connected to their customers?

These are the 3 most common ways we’ve seen the Premium Social Wall be used:

  1. Ask-A-Pro
  2. Community Building
  3. Announcements


If your customers have a question, they should feel comfortable coming to you for help. An Ask-A-Pro social wall is the perfect place for you to answer their questions quickly and build your credibility as a leader in your industry. Not only that, but you can use the Private Chat functionality of the Social Wall to give your users the option of having one-on-one discussions with you or your team. Here are some ideas: 

1. Real Estate: You can create a social wall specifically for quoting homes.  Users would just have to snap a photo, post it on the wall, and wait for you to answer.

2. Mechanic/Car Dealership: Users can take a picture of their car, say a dented car bumper, post it, and then wait for your response.

3. Conferences: You can use a social wall as a way for audience members to ask questions in real time, or ask follow-up questions after a panel.

4. Education: Social walls can serve as a way to contact the teacher if a student or parent has a question about homework. This is faster than email and doesn’t require the teacher to give out their personal contact information.

Even if your industry wasn’t mentioned, there are numerous ways that the Social Wall can be used in a similar fashion. We hope those examples helped! Now, let's move on to Community Building.

Community Building

The idea with building a community Social Wall is to create different spaces for your users to express themselves and to connect with other like-minded users. Ideally the community wall will grow to a point where it would require little intervention on your part to get the conversation going which should be your ultimate goal. Some examples of this would be:

1. Church: You can create separate social walls for different groups in your church, such as the Youth Group, Bible Study, Worship Team, or Small Groups.

2. Kids’ Sports Leagues: You can create a wall for parents of kids in sports leagues to gush about their kid and talk to other parents.

3. Fitness: Creating a space for enthusiasts to encourage each other and give each other tips and encouragement can be a great way to foster interaction.

4. Conferences: You can create separate walls dedicated to different panels at your conference so attendees can chat with each other about a specific topic, or ask questions to the speakers of the panel after the event.

It might take some time for Community-Building Social Walls to become active, but keep working at it! It will definitely pay off in the long run. Before you get to that point though, odds are the engagement in your app will probably begin as a one-to-many approach.


Examples of announcement social walls would be

1. Clothing Brand: Announce a sale, or new products.

2. Music Artist: Announce your new mixtape, or upcoming concerts.

3. YouTuber: Announce a new video.

The main idea is you want to give them new content to talk about. A more advanced version of this strategy would be to give them early or even exclusive access to certain promos or content. This way your users have a compelling reason to download and keep your app on their phone. 

As you can see there are a ton of ways to engage your users through the social plugin. We hope you’re now inspired for your app. Now get out there and start building!

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